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Sunday, 31 July 2011


ok , lots ov news over the next few weeks, distribution items arriving soon, the new Special Interests zine (bigger and better i hear) FORCIBLE 9 dealing with extreme issues, this will be limited and already its sold out (sorry), i'll be getting more and back issues over the coming weeks , the Sickness/John Weiss split 7' will be here this week, other items are coming too, more news when confirmation as arrived. The distro section will up and done pretty soon, with some good stock there and decent prices. On the release front , there is 3 new releases this week PLAYING WITH NUNS - FLAGSHIP 1805 which comes in a zine style cover with pin badge, STIRNER - SELF-TITLED cdr limited to 20 copies, orginally this was gonna be done on tape, but i have little time to dub them all at present, so apologies to STIRNER but he's a mate , he'll understand ;) , along side this comes DOODSHOOFD - DEATHSHEAD limited cd-r ov 20 copies,, these releases are in the final stages and all D.I.Y covers, so pictures ov final product will be up soon. REESER (THE CINDER LADY) S.H.C vol 1 is due out maybe end ov the week/early next, this is housed on greetings card style cover , vinly style disc attached with spider fixing, it will come with burnt offerings ??, Already S.H.C vol 2 is full with submissions, had an overwhelming response with some ov the big names appearing ie Richard Ramirez /Vulgar Diesease and Ashley C to name but a few, more details and full line-up for both in the next day or two, still on the release front comes BAGMAN/CARRION BLACK PIT/BEDAWANG/FAMILY SMUT/HOLY FILAMENT the list go' on, thanks to all those projects for showing interest in arrendersi morte , BAGMAN will be doing the Bondage Series release soon, which i'm hoping will kick off soon, also OSAKA BONDAGE will be appearing in that series and one or two others but no confirmation as yet, so thats possibly about it for now, if i remember anything else i'll post in a day or so, keep checking back so much going on...........................(give death)

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