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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Coming soon on arrendersi morte the new album from BAGMAN , dedicated to extreme art performer MARY LUGOSI, limited to 50 copies on pro-printed greetings card , while your waiting listen to the promo video.........

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Coming Soon

3 releases coming in the next few weeks , A-M#2 from France will be releasing the first cd in the Bondage Series, which should be out within the next week, with amazing cover ov the wonderful extreme bondage artist Cherie Roi, this is limited to 25 copies , alo in production now is the White Walls - this is not my Face limited cd, housed in slimline dvd case with insert and pin badge there will be 25 copies ov that, alongside that comes the limited tape from Holy Filament/MxCx 25 copies. The Playing with Nuns release again is slightly delayed due to technical difficulties but should be out pretty soon, hot on the heals comes limited releases from Bedawang/Family Smut/Bagman and more...................keep checking back for details, in the meantime check out the promo video for the forth-coming White Walls limited cd...............................

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


REESER (THE CINDER LADY) SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION VOL 1 , 13 PE/NOISE artists on this 76 minute cd, Housed on greetings card style packaging, vinyl style cd, attached with spider fixing, trades very welcome or £6.50 including postage......
paypal buttons to be added soon on all new releases


DOODSHOOFD - DEATHSHEAD CD-R , relentless harsh noise from the dutch master, limited to 20 copies , housed in homemade cd wallet, with two card inserts £3.50 with post

STIRNER - SELF TITLED CD-R , harsh noise from this dutch noise bastard, 72 minutes in total , comes in plastic style sprayed cd wallet, with spray painted disc and two insert cards £3.50 includes post